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Sheet Metal Work

KNUTH Machine Tools offers a wide selection of presses and bending machines for sheet metal work applications, including a variety of plate shears, plasma-cutters, laser-cutters and water-jet cutters. Both conventional and CNC-controlled machines are available.
KNUTH hydraulic and eccentric presses as well as Knuth press brakes, workshop presses and arbor presses provide excellent accuracy and high stamping and pressure forces.
This extensive portfolio also includes a variety of shears. Select the appropriate steel and plate shears, circular shears, notchers, profile steel cutters as well as hydraulic, motorized and manual swing-beam shears.
For sheet metal bending, we recommend our manual angle benders, roller bending and folding machines with manual, motorized, or hydraulic drive. Tube benders, ring and profile benders, tube notchers, and tube thread cutters with various tube diameters round off this extensive portfolio.